Guess Who’s Not Here For Dumb Questions From Reporters? Yep, Serena Williams


As Serena Williams continues her historic journey to potentially winning her 22nd Grand Slam title, one can only assume the 33-year-old is physically and mentally exhausted after each match.

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Yet despite her fatigue, Williams must speak to reporters after her games.  After her teeth-clenching win against her big sister Venus, Serena fielded a few lackluster questions from some reporters, and when asked why she wasn’t giddy, smiley and simply happy to be there during a press conference, the tennis titan frankly replied “I honestly don’t want to be here.”

So trill.

Check out Serena taking a cue out of Marshawn Lynch’s book and issuing glorious shade.

A reporter asked her why she didn't smile and laugh after the match...this was Serena's response LMAO #TheQueen Posted by Aaron Squintz Davis on Wednesday, September 9, 2015