Sotheby’s Auction Of Tupac’s Hand-Written Lyrics Might Sell For Over $100,000


A few lucky people might get their hands on a timeless piece of work from Tupac. But the price tag might break the bank.

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Sotheby’s, a company that handles the auctioning of fine art and priceless memorabilia, plans to sell-off two literary projects from the “California Love” rapper. The New York Daily News states a document of “Ambitionz Az a Ridah” might sell for $78,000. But that’s not the final price point, with reports announcing it could well surpass $100,000. Another coveted item is also up for sale. That being a handful of penned lyrics from Pac’s “Tradin’ War Stories” melody on his diamond-album All Eyez on Me.

Gabriel Heaton, Sotheby’s specialist in books and manuscripts, said in a statement, “[Shakur] is a fixture of enormous popularity and great cultural significance, so we are confident there’ll be a lot of interest.” This isn’t the first time unique items from Pac have been up for sale. From photos to letters he wrote while in prison, fans have had the opportunity to get their hands on never-before-seen noteworthy artifacts.

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In promotion of Sotheby’s Rock & Pop festivity, the event will take place on Sept. 29.

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