Spike Lee Puts His Special Touch On NBA 2K16


Spike Lee has done it again. This time it’s just not in the sense of a film but instead in the form of a game. NBA 2K16 to be exact. Lee has brought his visual chops to the most popular game in the world. In the trailer for his “NBA 2K16 Presents: Livin’ Da Dream, A Spike Lee Joint,” 2K feels like the real life everyday world of being in the NBA.

So maybe if your hoops dreams didn’t exactly come to reality, then Spike Lee has got you covered. The game ventures into giving off the feel of a movie trailer as it explores the life a young, up and coming star in the league who faces the all the adversity that comes with the price of fame.

Though the masterpiece has been brought to life in a way that none of us have ever seen NBA 2K16 before, it wasn’t as easy for the vision behind it all to make the transition from film to video game. “The biggest challenge is that ’2K’ is shot in motion control, which means that actors aren’t wearing costumes – they’re wearing a suit,” Spike said at the release party for the game earlier this week. “There’s no background. All the stuff is put in post-production, so they try to visualize the way it’s gonna look.”

With no preparation in working with stop-motion prior to his 2K16 project and not much time to prepare himself for the newness of it all, it still was no problem for Spike. “I’m a fast learner,” he said. “We had like a week of rehearsal, then we had to hit it. But before we did that, I went out there to the studio for a couple of days, messed around with the cameras, and tried to get acclimated to it. But it was a very, very short learning curve. It’s for the actors, too.”

With NBA 2K16 officially on shelves, people will get the chance to live the NBA dream and have the career that many hope for. View the visuals here to see for yourself.