The Cosign: 7 Things You Should Know About Kali Uchis


In the age of Internet stars being born every second, it’s hard to weed out the garbage from the gems. Popping on the digital scene in 2013 with a 17-track LP, Drunken Babble, 22-year-old Kali Uchis’ platinum blonde (occasionally neon pink) hair, retro aesthetic and melting melodies proved to be a perfectly manicured standout amongst thousands of viral songstresses.

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And when people realized she wasn’t just a cute chick with a cool sense of style, who could actually sang, her talents won over both legends and prominent artists of Generation Y. A simple “ooh,” “aah” and a doo-wop-equse “da da, da da,” will send a tingle down your spine. Give her recent debut album, Por Vida, a spin and the modern-day muse will hug your ears with float-y pop vocals and the nostalgic sounds of Motown soul in one.

If raw yet romantic sensations are your thing, then Uchis will be your drug of choice. Click through the slide and get familiar with this bubbling “it” gal.


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