The Game Is Giving Away $25,000 To Anyone Who Needs It


If your rent is late, or they’re threatening to disconnect your cell phone service or you simply just want to purchase a new pair of Js, don’t worry, The Game has it covered.

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In one of the most random–but absolutely appreciated–acts of kindness, the Compton emcee took to Instagram Tuesday (September 1) to tell fans he’s giving away $1,000 to 25 people for the next 25 days until his album The Documentary 2 is released. That’s $25,000 Game is just freely handing out.

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However, there are some rules. In order to qualify you have to follow @AvanteRoseGold, write the hashtags #TheDocumentary2 and #KeepThatCityLit and provide your address in the comments. Once you’ve done that, Game will show up wherever you are in the world and hand you $1,000.

Oh, you think we’re kidding? Watch the video below.

I’m giving away $25,000 to 25 of my fans… That’s $1,000 a day until September 25th when #TheDocumentary2 drop…… All you gotta do is 3 things.. #1 FOLLOW @AvanteRoseGold right now !!! #2 hashtag #TheDocumentary2 & #KeepTheCityLit wit yo address in his comments & everyday for the next 25 days til my album drop in pulling up randomly at yo mothafuckin house or yo mothafuckin job & giving you a $1,000 to do whatever the fuck you WONT to do wit it…….. & you ain’t gotta just live in Los Angeles… Cause I’m I got enough money to get my ass on a airplane & pull up anywhere in the mothafuckin world… & im bout to start promo tour for the album…. So if you not from LA… Yo ass can get $1,000 a day too….. I was bout to spend this shit on weed…. But I thought to myself… SELF, gih dat shit to yo people nigga… So FOLLOW @AvanteRoseGold NOW & put yo address in his comments & we gone pull up…. ON GOD & HEAVEN 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 #WatchThisShit #AndYouBettaHaveSomeFood #ThousandDollarsShouldAtLeastGetANiggaAPeanutButterAndJellySammich #SeeYouSoon #WhatYouGoneDoWitYoThousand ?

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An extra $1,000 would be nice. You could do anything from book a mini vacation to the Bahamas or even ball out on McDonald’s dollar menu. It’s your world.

So, how would you spend the extra cash?