The Game Reportedly Facing Arrest For Threatening To Break Star’s Jaw On ‘The Breakfast Club’


The Game is reportedly a wanted man in New York after promising to injure his friend’s rival radio DJ.

According to Page Six, the rapper also known as Jayceon Taylor will be arrested if and when he returns to New York because of his vehement promise to physically hurt DJ Star on behalf of Power 105.1’s DJ Envy. In a Sept. 21 interview with Envy’s The Breakfast Club, the “100” rapper said, “I told him, ‘I’ll break your jaw, dude.’ Envy is my dog. I’m still gonna break his jaw when I see him.”

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Star did not take these threats lightly, and immediately reported Game’s violent promises to the police. The DJ says that he and Game’s beef is the result of Game’s hurt feelings after he did not allow the rapper to appear on his radio show during the height of his beef with 50 Cent. “I passed on letting Game come on my show, and that’s what Game’s tight about. The fact the hater, Star, rejected him. I wasn’t so much that 50 and I were cool, but I just felt the Game was a f**kin ‘hothead,” Star said in a vlog. He later asked viewers if he should pursue legal action in the matter.

Though the Game’s threats are recent, the Star vs. Envy battle is several years old. Star, who once co-hosted the Star and Buc Wild Morning Show on Power 105.1, was fired from the station almost ten years ago after he made sexual and racist threats of his own toward Envy’s family.

Watch Star respond to The Game and DJ Envy in the video below: