Brunch With The Ladies Of ‘The Real’ Revealed Just How Thankful They Are For Their Fans


Yesterday, Tamar Braxton, Adrienne Bailon, Loni Love, Jeannie Mai and Tamera Mowry-Housley came together at NYC’s Red Stixs to enjoy fine asian cuisine, laughter and a little bit of girl talk with a handful of publications. But more importantly than all of those things, they came to stress just how thankful they are to their viewers for allowing them to have a second season of The Real, their daytime show.

“Really we want to thank all the fans. We could not do this Season 2 without them, so please let everybody know we really thank them and they’re going to see a riot if the mother lets us,” Loni joked before teasing Tamera. After that, all the women chimed in, finishing each others’ thoughts like sisters.

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Tamar: “Also, thank you for recognizing shows like this. Because like she was saying before, somebody getting kicked in the stomach should not be news. That’s absolutely ridiculous. It’s funny for five seconds, but that’s not funny anymore.”

Loni: “People are watching us because this is the real deal.”

Tamera: “We all get along. There’s no earring pulling.”

Tamar: “…And we disagree all the time!”

Tamera: “But we all respect each other.”

Loni: “And we’re taking responsibility that we are women of color. We want to show people that we matter, too. That we are human beings and we have feelings. Everybody doesn’t act like that.”

Aside from the gratitude, the hosts discussed things they’ve learned about themselves and from each other from being on the show, moments of vulnerability, fears, zany hot topics and beauty secrets and hair regiments for the fall (“I’m just trying to hold onto my summer tan,” Adrienne Bailon joked).

This season, instead of always being filmed so far in advanced, The Real will have a shooting schedule that better coincides with trending news and current events. “I’m a news junkie and there were so many things that happened, seriously and silly things,” Loni said. Hopefully with change in our taping schedule this season, we’ll be able to hit some issues. It’ll be more topical.”

Season 2 of The Real airs on Sept. 14 on FOX.