Tisha Campbell Forgives Her Abuser In New “Steel Here” Video


During the iconic episode of Martin when Biggie was hiding at Martin’s house trying his best to avoid the throngs of fans attempting to audition for him, Pam and Gina were both dressed for the Gods, and not so coyly showed off their individual vocal prowess.

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The show, which developed a cult-like following for its classic one-liners, also birthed one during that episode which would stick with Gina when she, in an attempt to blend in, began dusting the stereo and said “just sangin in the background!”

Well it looks as if Gina, forgive us, Tisha Campbell is more than just “sangin in the background.” The seasoned actress and proud mother of two is front and center…and dancing too!

In her latest video “Steel Here” Campbell opens up and confronts her demons. Campbell says her song and video is about forgiving her abuser who violated her when she was just 3 years old.

This isn’t Tisha’s first foray into music. In 1993, she released her self-titled album Tisha and in 1997 she teamed up with bestie Tichina Arnold  for a single “Don’t Ask My Neighbor.”

Check out Tisha Campbell’s latest video “Steel Here”