On The 19th Anniversary Of Tupac’s Death Fans Honor Him With Vivid Art


When the world learned Tupac had been shot, may believed, or at least hoped, the controversial yet thought-provoking rapper would survive this round with death as he had done before. Yet on September 13, 1996, a day that will always sting for fans no matter how much time has passed, hip-hop lost one of its greatest.

Although Shakur has been gone for 19 years, his music, passion and legacy still hold a place in the hearts, minds and consciousness of activists, hip-hop enthusiasts and social critics alike, and to honor him on the anniversary of his passing, fans from Australia to Brooklyn, Oakland to Colorado all choose to celebrate the rebellious yet righteous emcee with vibrant, vivd drawings, paintings and abstract images.

Tupac, an artist who was the living embodiment of two different sides to the same coin, who lovingly created “Dear Mama” as well as viciously crafted “Hit ‘Em Up” maybe gone, but is very much so still present in the culture today.

Long Live Pac.

Peep the list of winners below.



Theo Mighty

@Plastic Cell





Nelida Perez






Keyani Watkins





Luciano Roque


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