Ty Dolla $ign Recalls Insanely High Meeting With Diddy

Los Angeles rapper, Ty Dolla $ign, recently sat down with DJ Smallz Eyes where he tells the story about that one time in 2014 when he met Diddy at Coachella. For some, this might be one of the best days ever to be all about your business, but for the “Or Nah” artist it was just the total opposite.

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“I performed with the homie Carnage and then after or before, I put hella shrooms on pizza,” the Taylor Gang signee says in an interview published on VladTV Thursday (Sept. 24). “I did the show. The show came out cool. I guess the high didn’t kick in yet. Then I watched Zedd. His sh** was amazing. He had all these crazy lights I had never seen and a crazy screen. He’s just in the middle of this box just smiling doing his sh** and everybody’s just going crazy. Then it just got scary. All of sudden Outkast came on and sh**. That sh** was just real trippy to where I had to f**king leave.”

Little did Ty Dolla know that he would run into Diddy backstage as he was exiting stage right and from there it went far left for him. “Then I went backstage and then I meet Puff Daddy for the first time and it just got hella business,” the artist recalls. “I was high as f**k and I was like, damn. Then I didn’t even get his number.”

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See Ty tell the whole story and how it all went to down on that hazy night above.