Virginia Police Respond To Gunfire With 30 Shots, Only Infant Survives


Just after the festivities of Labor Day fizzle out, death looms south of America’s capital. An infant is left parentless after Virginia Police police fired 30 rounds into a car during a gunfight, killing India Kager, 28, and her boyfriend, Angelo Delano Perry, 35.

After police had been monitoring Perry for 30 minutes last Saturday (Sept. 5)—Va. Beach Police Chief Jim Cervera told the Associated Press that he was a person of interest in a homicide investigation—they approached their parked car outside of a convenience store. Less than 15 seconds after police cars pulled up, gunfire broke out.

Cervera said that Perry fired four shots at the officers, only striking clothing but not bodies. In return, police shot at the car 30 times. What police did not know was that in addition to instantly killing Perry, they unintentionally killed Kager in the driver’s seat, and somehow missed four-month-old Roman in the back seat. The infant was removed from the vehicle uninjured.

After the shooting, police found two guns in the car, presumably belonging to Perry, who had just come home from serving 12 years of his 13-year prison sentence for a malicious wounding charge. Records also show that he was charged with assaulting a police officer in 2000.

However, Kager’s family wants it to be known that the College Park, Md. native, postal carrier and former Navy personnel had no parts in the activities Perry was affiliated with.

“My greatest fear is it will be doctored … to make India seem like she’s part of dark behavior. India was not of that element,” Kager’s mother Gina Best told WJLA news. “Her upbringing, everything about my daughter — she walked the straight and narrow. She was a wonderful person.”