Whitney Houston’s Hologram To Embark On World Tour In 2016


Fans of Whitney Houston can relive the magic of the famed singer’s live performance with the creation of a new hologram.

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Curated by Hologram USA, the same company responsible for Chief Keef and the newly revealed Billie Holiday’s digital likeness, announced this groundbreaking news will also include a world tour. In partnership with the “How Will I Know” singer’s estate, Whitney’s hologram will perform her greatest melodies.

In a statement issued to FilmOn.com, the website where viewers can watch Houston’s 3D image in 2016, her sister-in-law, Pat Houston, said this announcement is “a great opportunity for her fans to see a reinvention of one the most celebrated female artists in history and to continue a legacy of performances that will not be forgotten in years to come. I look forward to the partnership.”

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This news arrives three years after the Grammy award winning vocalist’s untimely death rocked the globe.