MmmmOhMyGod, There Is Now A Four-Minute Version Of “Why You Always Lying”


Stop what you’re doing and get this good ol’ laugh.

Ever since the prodigy that is Nicholas Fraser graced the Internet with a hilarious version of Next’s “Too Close” entitled “Why You Always Lying,” the clip – featuring Fraser in an open button-up shirt dancing next to a random toilet in his backyard – has been used to blast fallacies everywhere. Employing the age old inquiry, “Why the f**k you lying,” Fraser flipped the ‘90s R&B jam into a Web sensation that is now being played in the clubs and on the radio. And thanks to the YouTube gods, we now have a full version of the track.

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Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more tear-inducing, Fraser offers new lyrics, more squatting bops, background dancers, random location changes, ad-libs, and a rain sequence (yes, for real). Adding a nearly-unbearable about of hilarity to the already funny display of foolishness, the four-minute reboot of “Why You Always Lying” is the gift that keeps on giving.

Dear Nicholas Fraser, wherever you are (on Instagram, Twitter, or anywhere else), thank you for giving the street what it needed. Watch below:

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