Woman Interrupts President Obama’s Speech To Tell Him He’s Handsome


President Obama will go down in history for a plethora of groundbreaking political moves, but he will likely also be remembered as a rather good-looking man. On a Labor Day visit to Boston to appeal to union members, Obama announced an executive order to give employees of federal contractors an extra week of paid sick leave and expressed his administration’s support of middle-class workers.

Thanking the city for its support during the earlier years of his career, Obama offered a quip about the gray hairs he has procured during his presidency.

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“You were kind enough to give a warm Boston welcome to an unknown state senator with a funny name, and it’s been 11 years since then. I’ve added a few gray hairs since then. I’ve earned every one of them.”

Adding to his political proponents was one woman who was also a proponent of his looks. In response to his comments about his hair, one woman shouted, “You’re still handsome!” Elated by the unexpected compliment, Obama asked the woman to repeat herself, to which he replied, “There you go.”

Swag. Watch the cute exchange below: