Former Yankee Employee Claims Derek Jeter And Jorge Posada Were Gay


A new book, titled “Abused by the New York Yankees,” alleges that Baseball legends Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada engaged in sexual relations during their first season. According to the 500-page tell-all, former Yankees assistant equipment manager Paul Priore and co-writer Gary Toushek claim both Jeter and Posada engaged in homosexual activity in the clubhouse sauna at the end of their first season with the team. He also claims that Jeter and Posada allowed Priore to perform oral sex on them in order to keep him quiet.

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Back in 1997, Priore was fired because, according to him, he is HIV positive. Even though the Yankees and New York State courts have officially denounced those claims, the former employee has no qualms about revealing all the dirty laundry from the locker room in his newly released tell-all.

Deep within the pages, Priore reveals that Bob Wickman, Jeff Nelson, and Mariano Rivera tried to sexually assault Priore with a baseball bat and Gerald Williams had sex with an underage concession stand worker in a storage closet. The book further discloses that Cecil Fielder played drunk on vodka and Darryl Strawberry drank whiskey during games.

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You can check out all the juicy details on the book’s official website.