Game On Smash: The New School Of Latina Women In Hip-Hop


The hip-hop culture has long been notorious for keeping women at the margins. Even today, scarce is the female wordsmith in comparison to her video vixen counterpart. But hip-hop wouldn’t be hip-hop without its subterranean setting of “others,” a much diverse cluster, expanded list and, arguably, more talented pool of MCs. Women — and of Latina descent — have increasingly made their presence felt in such lyrical spheres, but not without the MC Lytes and Lauryn Hills of yesteryear trailblazing the way first.

Nitty Scott, MC

Nitty Scott, MC is the quintessential rapper who champions “The Art of Chill” when the grass is greener, but waxes poetics about her reality when the light at the end of the tunnel looks dim. But most importantly, this Afro-Latina isn’t afraid to go bar for bar with your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.

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