ACL 2015: Lion Babe On Their Debut Album: “We Might Have Just Figured Out The Name”


“When we did our first interview with you guys, I don’t think we even knew how much we would get done,” says Lion Babe’s Jillian Hervey about the duo’s rise to fame at the press area of the 2015 Austin City Limits festival.

Back in January, the fresh faced singer and producer strolled into VIBE’s New York offices without a clue of what was to really come in their new careers. “Everything has been going really fast but we do try to take moments to soak it all in,” says producer Lucas Goodman while taking a breather from the massive festival’s artist lounge.

At the time, fans worldwide, were catching on to their Childish Gambino-assisted track “Jump Hi.” But, since then, the New York based duo has spread their wings and become staples on the international festival circuit — and collaborated with some of the artists they dreamed about working with.

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“Now, we have a full band, and I think we’ve just grown a lot as performers. Our sets are longer, and we’re performing a lot more new music,” says Jillian about their progression as artists. The songstress also has fully embraced her onstage persona, which takes a hold of her when she steps in front of an audience.

“Now I’m trying to shape what I’m doing onstage more, but I honestly think it’s my inner goddess,” explains Jillian. “It’s like my aura when I’m onstage. I’ll look back at footage on Instagram, and I’ll be like ‘I have no idea who that it,” she says with a laugh.

As our time with Lion Babe wrapped up, Lucas revealed that they may have finally come up with a name for their upcoming debut album. Set to be released in early 2016, the producer explains how the name came to them in the last forty-eight hours — but fans won’t be getting it just yet.

“We might have just figured out [the title], but we’re not ready to give it out yet,” says Lucas about the album.

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