Amandla Stenberg’s Wokeness Is On Full Display In A New Fader Interview

Amandla Stenberg has quickly become a prominent voice on cultural appropriation, race relations and feminism, and while the soon-to-be 17 year old didn’t initial plan for this, it’s a responsibility the Hunger Games star willingly takes on.

“For a while there was a divide between the things I thought and cared about, and how I expressed myself on a public level,” Stenburg said.

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During an interview with The Fader, Amandla AKA #WokeBae, speaks candidly about the power of simply being yourself.

“My friend said to me that actually it’s revolutionary in itself to be a young African-American person, to just be yourself. It’s a tiny revolution to express yourself fully and be who you want to be, especially when systems tell you that you can’t.”

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Stenberg, who famously schooled Kylie Jenner on cultural appropriation after Jenner posted a selfie on Instagram with cornrows, ended her interview by highlighting the power of young black people.

“I think an essential component of the war against police brutality is just that black voices need to be uplifted and heard. I want to see more black creators. I want a place for black girls to exist within art and fashion and all components of pop culture. Black kids need to be told that they’re capable of so much.”

Like we said, #WokeBae.