Angel Haze Wants To Fight Raven Symone Because Of Her Spring Valley High Comments


Angel Haze was just one of many people outraged after hearing Raven-Symone’s comments about the Spring Valley High School Assault.

The rapper took to Twitter Wednesday (October 28) to voice her frustrations with The View co-host who claimed the assaulted 16-year-old female student was wrong to have been on her phone during class.

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The 23-year-old sat down with Huffington Post Live Thursday (October 29) to further explain why she challenged Symone to a good old-fashioned girl fight.

“Someone needs to smack her because the things she says are ridiculous,” the Detroit native declared.

Haze continued by saying the assault at the high school is part of a larger issue in America.

“It’s difficult to live in a nation where black people are dehumanized and made to be lesser by birth — by default,” she said. “It’s horrible and it’s horrifying.”

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Watch the full interview below.