This Barack Obama Spoof Of Drake’s “Back To Back” Is The Ultimate Donald Trump Diss Record


“I learned how to lead from Mandela, you could never check me
Back to back like my terms in office, they couldn’t get me
Back to back like two duelers about to take 10 paces
Back to back like Trump’s divorces, now face it. Ohhh!”

Today’s stroke of Internet genius is courtesy of YouTube user AlphaCat, who crafted his own version of Drake’s “Back To Back,” tailored just for Donald Trump. Taking on the voice and likeness of our commander-in-Chief, the three and a half minute video features a spoof version of Barack Obama that everyone will wish was real. Complete with new one-line zingers, the parody serves at the perfect presidential diss record.

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Swapping out the now -infamous “You gon’ make me buy bottles for Charlamagne” line for “You gon’ make me buy bottles for John McCain,” AlphaCat has given the Web what it never knew it needed: bars to fill Trump’s Twitter mentions with. Proclaiming that “wrote these bars while Michelle gave me a shoulder rub,” the fictional Obama is in rare trill form, taking aim at Trump’s slights against Mexicans, his toupee and his exit from The Apprentice. AlphaCat also employs other Web trends like “what are thoooose?” and “Why You Always Lyin’.”

Is the world poor, or your soul poor? Trump got bodied by a left-winger. Press play.