Beyonce Refers To Nicki Minaj As The “Queen Of Rap” In New Behind The Scenes Video


When Beyonce and Nicki Minaj both hit the stage at the Barclay center, the Beyhive and The Barbz both lost their minds.

All that star power and flyness on one stage at the same time can only be taken in doses. And while both sets of fans are still enjoying the after effect, Beyonce did everyone a solid by releasing a pair of behind-the-scenes video of their rehearsals Monday (October 26)

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In the first video, Nic and Bey are in a dance studio going over choreography when Bey challenges Nicki to a stare down.

“By the way, ice grill me as long as you can. Let’s have a contest. Let’s see who cracks first.” Bey says.

While Nicki was in the lead, Beyonce proved she too knows how to grill a chick if need be.

Ice GrillLet's see who cracks first... Posted by Beyoncé on Monday, October 26, 2015

In the second video, Nic and Bey take their rehearsals to the stage where Beyonce refers to Nic as the “queen of rap” in her “Darling Nicki” song.

Don’t they just make you wish you were in the room?