This Video Of A Black Man Defending Himself Against A Racist White Woman Is Going Viral


A 20-year-old poet, actor, hip-hop artist and activist from Brooklyn named Moise Morancy took to Facebook to share his encounter with a white woman on a New York City bus. In a video uploaded on Thursday (Oct. 22), Morancy is seen having a racially-charged exchange with a woman he says spewed rude remarks at a black woman on the bus. Using his phone, Morancy recorded footage of the woman, who began yelling racist remarks as he captured the incident. The five minute clip has since gone viral, garnering over 280,000 views in just two days.

Morancy attached a lengthy caption to the video, explaining that while he did know the black woman, he chose to stand up for her:

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So this morning, I get on a crowded bus on my way to school & this white woman is bugging out, yelling and being extremely rude, mainly because people were standing near the back door. So this brilliant black girl kindly says to her “Ma’am, there’s no room on this bus. There’s a stroller and it’s extremely crowded, where are people supposed to stand?” Immediately the woman snapped saying all kinds of rude things! No, I don’t know this black girl from a hole in the wall, but I don’t care. You ain’t gonna talk to my sista like that. So I call out that woman’s racist remarks as well as her white privilege; because she thinks she can speak to whoever she wants to in whichever manner she feels. All hell breaks loose as we see her true perspective of not only us as black people but our traits and occupations…..what do you think? Was I wrong for stepping in?

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The video shows the white woman exclaiming things like “Fuck you, ugly black man,” “He’s inferior because he’s black,” and “I have nice hair. At least I have hair to fix.” Morancy, in response, repeatedly told the woman “You feel uncomfortable because young black people are speaking up for ourselves.” At one point in the video, the woman demands that the bus driver ask Morancy to put his phone away, and he refuses, noting that he intended to post his encounter with the woman online.

As the video continues to make its round online, Morancy posted a video to Twitter with a comical stance against “self hate.” He also wrote on Facebook, “I will never be silenced. Period.”

Watch Moise Morancy’s full encounter with the white woman below:

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