Chance The Rapper Premiered A Heavenly New Song On ‘The Late Show’

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Last night (Oct. 26), Chance The Rapper stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to debut his latest single “Angels.” The clip below features the Chi Town musician giving you choreography while singing and rapping along with The Social Experiment and Saba, who’s featured on the track. Colbert quietly bobs his head at his desk in the background wearing an all-too-appropriate halo. The song itself dropped on iTunes at midnight for free today (Oct. 27).

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The 22-year-old rapper was also able to chat with the Colbert, who has had an affinity for rappers appearing on his show as of late. The duo made sure to inform the audience on their upcoming musical collab, which Chance hinted at during his interview on Hot 97, Pitchfork reports. They’re planning to “pull a Beyonce” and drop it unexpectedly.

“Chance! What part of ‘on the DL’ do you not understand?!” giggled Colbert, who was called “so amazing” by the rapper. “I’m super excited that we’re doing it, and I’m excited about the little documentary we’re making about it too! I wish we could tell people when…but soon!”

He also discussed his preference of dropping mixtapes every so often as opposed to studio albums. “I’m just trying to stay away from, you know, getting…” Chance said before he gestured “getting ripped off” by big music companies.

We can’t wait to hear this collaboration from Chance and Colbert, and we’re also looking forward to some new music. Press play on the official audio for “Angels” here.