Cuba’s Raul Castro Demands Guantanamo & Compensation Before U.S. Relations Resume


The United States just reopened their embassy in attempts to make nice with Cuba, after decades of adversaries. That is until their president said, ‘Not so fast.” In an address to the United Nations, Raul Castro guaranteed that relations will not be restored until the U.S. takes the necessary steps to fully release Cuba from the half-a-century old agreement.

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Castro is hell-bent retrieving their illegally occupied Guantanamo Naval Base, and seeking compensation for the negative impact on the Cuban people due to the years of trade and travel restrictions. Castro didn’t necessarily name drop the U.S. in his condemnation of “imperialism and colonizers,” but it was clear who he was aiming at.

“Now we are beginning a long process toward the normalization of relations that will be reached when the embargo is ended, and the illegally occupied Guantanamo is returned to Cuba, and subversive [TV and radio] programs are ended, and there is compensation to our nation for the human and economic damages that it continues to suffer,” he said.

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On Tuesday, Castro was scheduled to meet with President Obama to speak more on improving relations between the U.S. and Cuba. This was Raul Castro’s first trip to stateside since inheriting the presidency from his brother Fidel, who stepped down from power in 2008.