Dirty Lemon: The Simplest Detox For Everyday People


Detox. Ah yes. The five-letter word that’s prone to bring either feelings of excitement or those of discomfort. With pro-health retail stores carrying a plethora of options and influencers sharing the latest weight management trends on social media, it’s hard to choose and stick to a consistent regimen. Above all, a jam-packed schedule of a a go-getter taking on a 9-to-5 (or 2) can often times get in the way of getting the right type of foods and nutrients in you body.

CEO and co-founder Zak Normandin decided to take the staple go-to digestive detox of lemon water and add a twist with his unconventional beverage, Dirty Lemon. What’s his twist? Ginger root, dandelion root and activated charcoal. What’s interesting about his stripe-bottled, activated charcoal detox drink is that it doesn’t limit your eating habits or make you compromise with a rigid diet. You can mindfully eat bad stuff with out any guilt, and balance it out with the good stuff.

VIBE sat down with Normandin to learn more about the benefits of his zesty beverage, what makes it different from all the other detox fads in the market as well as the inspiration behind Dirty Lemon. (Continue to page two to read testimonials from a few of VIBE’s writers who had a chance to try the raw-detox drink.)

VIBE: Tell us about Dirty Lemon. How is it different from a regular detox?
Zak Normandin: Our main thing is that we say to drink it on a full stomach, usually once you’ve eaten something. This is not a program and our whole motto is ‘Life is not a cleanse.’ A lot of the programs that are marketed in our space have very unrealistic expectations for anyone who has a normal life. The way that we’re marketing it is kind of like the “anti-cleanse.” With most cleanse products, you have to change your lifestyle to kind of fit the cleanse. We’re saying, ‘Eat what you want.’ We designed this product with that in mind. Everyone loves to go and have a drink at night or have a nice meal, hamburger, pizza, whatever. We would never advocate for an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s all about balance. I think that that’s the key to health in general. It’s not extreme on one end of the spectrum when really the key is balance.

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How exactly does one’s body benefit from drinking one bottle?
Dirty Lemon is an activated charcoal detox. By way of the functional ingredients in the product, again, you kind of balance things out. We have the juice of one lemon, activated charcoal, ginger and dandelion root. Ginger and dandelion root help with digestion and liver function. Lemon juice is good for cleansing. Activated charcoal is the oldest pharmaceutical ingredient in history. It was used by the Egyptians. It absorbs up to 3,000x its size like heavy metals, toxins, stuff that shouldn’t be in your system. It actually clean your system pretty well and doesn’t make you go to the bathroom.

Does Dirty Lemon come in different flavors?
It’s just one lemony flavor. There’s no sweetener. There are also 10 calories per bottle. A lot of doctors have recently and heavily subscribed to this idea of drinking lemon water every day. It’s a very new trend. Dirty Lemon is alkalizing and cleansing to your system and it promotes weight loss. Lemon juice is a very natural, healthy ingredient.

Do you suggest a certain number of bottles to drink in one day?
We call it a daily detox. It’s our recommendation, but it’s really however you want, even if you aren’t eating or drinking anything. It’s actually a great hangover cure, if you have alcohol in your system. Drinking it will absorb the alcohol content once it’s in your system. Activated charcoal really is an incredible ingredient that’s really just coming into mainstream now.

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What inspired the packaging for the bottle?
I didn’t want a brand name to define the product, so that’s why we decided to focus on the stripes. When you look at the scope of an Instagram picture or if you’re looking at something from like 10 or 15 feet away, a lot of times it’s not recognizable especially on a small product. My idea was to create a package that was visible even if you see it and you don’t know the name of the product. It’s a very artistic approach to package design, but it has worked pretty well.

Can Dirty Lemon be found at your local grocery store?
We’re trying to draw on the exclusivity of it and we only sell directly to the consumer. We don’t do any retail, which is much different than when you sell through Whole Foods or Target. It just dilutes the experience for the consumer.

Our ordering platform all happens through text message, so if you want to order the product, you text a number. Once you put your credit card and billing information in one time, it basically saves it with our processor. And then if you want to reorder it, you just text the number and it uses your phone number to pull your credit card information, so you can place orders.

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We’re doing things a little bit differently from a food standpoint and compared to other food start-ups. Using social media as our main entry point for consumers has allowed us to really control the experience all the way until the consumer gets the product.

What is the price point for one bottle?
It’s $65 for a case (week-long supply). We include shipping to anywhere in the U.S. Even though we just launched over a month and a half ago, we’ve sold into 15 countries. We’re just using Instagram and have gained about 15,000 followers. It has grown very fast and has opened up a massive world of potentials. The product is doing really well.

Are you looking to open a stand-alone storefront?
No, we’ll just keep using Instagram. We can send it almost everywhere. If you were to order today, you would get it the next or with same-day delivery. Having a number to text to get something, I think there’s something to that, you know, being able to get things fast. I think my generation (and probably a lot of everyone’s generation) is just used to getting things very quickly. Since we’re not selling in retail stores, it’s very important that there’s a very quick and convenient way to access the product. When you finish a bottle of Dirty Detox, you can text a number and then basically in two text messages you have more product on the way. You’ll have a tracking number in an hour. We’ve created a system in the back end to be able to support that.



To learn more, visit DirtyLemon.com and follow Dirty Lemon on Instagram (@dirtylemondetox)



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