Despite Blac Chyna’s Tattoo, Future Has Made It Clear He’s Single


Just days after Blac Chyna debuted her “Future” tattoo on Instagram, Future has taken to social media to declare his independence. After being linked to the model/entrepreneur for the last month, the DS2 rapper finally spoke his piece on the matter. Hitting Twitter up to basically denounce the rumors that he had been dating Blac Chyna, Future made a few things clear today:

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Future and Blac Chyna were linked last month after being seen together on a number of occasions, including on the set of the rapper’s “Stick Talk” video, and following his show at Echo Stage in Washington, D.C. While Chyna never openly claimed Future was her new beau, the “Future” hand tattoo sent social media into a tailspin. And as Twitter has done consistently, it offered commentary on Future’s announcement:

As of now, Blac Chyna’s tattoo photo is still included in her Instagram gallery. Will that change? Stay tuned.