Hillary Clinton Went Ahead And Brushed Those Benghazi Emails Off Her Shoulders


The presidential race to the White House is heating up but along the way comes with some meme worthy moments and Hillary Clinton supplied us with the latest political style bit.

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When the former Secretary of State was deep into a hearing that went over the 2012 attack, Clinton tapped into her inner Hov to nonchalantly brush off Benghazi committee chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy asking her about those infamous emails, yet again, from longtime confidant Sidney Blumenthal.

Of course, in the world of social media it takes no time to grab a moment and take it to another level. This time was no different as Vice News’ very own, Colin Jones, took the time to put his spin on this one in the most fitting way possible courtesy of Jigga.

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Perfection. We’ll just save this GIF for later.