Here’s Every Gif Of Drake Dancing In His “Hotline Bling” Video Because…The Internet

Drake released the highly anticipated video for “Hotline Bling” to the masses, and for all intent and purposes, walked away with yet again another W.

READ Watch Drake Two-Step The Night Away In His “Hotline Bling” Video

The neon-colored video, spearheaded by famed director X finds Drizzy showcases one of the smoothest two-steps the Internet ever did see, so much that we had to get it in gif form.

The good folks over SPIN magazine did the hard work for us and carefully crafted every time the 6-God danced for the camera, which now can be used during an argument via text to showcase how unbothered you are or on Twitter to demonstrate your excitement for Happy Hour or whenever you deem fit:






If you need more Drake dancing gifs in your life (and don’t worry, no judgment here), check out the rest of the amazing gifs over on