The 33 Best Janet Jackson ‘Unbreakable’ Lines To Use As Status Updates


When Janet Jackson announced she’d be releasing her eleventh studio album, Unbreakable, last month, her rhythm nation of Stans went nuts. Not only was the seven-year drought of Miss Jackson over, she was also gifting her diehards with a world tour.

After growing with the songstress since her Good Times days as Penny, the world is ready to receive her greatness. On Unbreakable, not only does Janet soundtrack the highs and lows of her charmed life away from the cameras, she also gives you more than enough characters to load up your timelines.

Grab the best lines for status updates from her latest LP below.

“I lived through my mistakes, it’s just a part of growing”

“Day and night, I dream of us doing whatever”

“What I share with you, ever sacred, everlasting, the greatest love for me”

“Dream and take some time to love yourself”

“You see, I’m not the kinda girl you gotta babysit”

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“Just give me that fire and I’m gonna show you how to burn it up”

“Truth is, that I wouldn’t be here without the love that I stand on”

“And can’t nobody tell you, What you can’t do. Shut that down automatic and I’ll guarantee they’ll fall in line”

“Living my life, the way that I hope is leading me to the great forever”

“It might sound strange to you, but what you think it don’t mean nothing at all”

“Still I hope that one day, you’ll find the great forever too”

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