Jenga With KYLE: 22 Things You Should Know About The West Coast Rapper


“This is the weirdest game,” laughs Kyle, surveying the Jenga tower before pushing out a wooden piece. “It’s basically a game of who f*cks up first.” It should be noted that this is his first go at Jenga, the beloved children’s game that tests not only your patience but your ability to keep the baby-sized edifice from toppling over.

FYI, Kyle plays zero games when it comes to his music. The Left Coast rapper on the rise has been pushing tunes on SoundCloud and YouTube before Internet fame became a norm. These days, his jams are infectious AF (See: “Endless Summer Symphony” and “Really? Yeah!”). He’s even trading bars with homies you may have heard of like Chance The Rapper, Kehlani and G-Eazy on wax.

For his latest release, Smyle, the Super Duper Guy keeps his Pharrell-like demeanor intact while channeling his inner King Wavy. During a recent visit to New York, VIBE invited KYLE for a game of Q&A Jenga. Get more familiar with the California youngun’ with these 22 fun facts.

1. My alternative to “Netflix and chill”: Sex and Super Smash Bros. all the way. It’s just more of an experience. When you’re playing Super Smash Bros, not only are you playing a game. Netflix and chilling is cool when you guys are watching some show but if you Super Smash Bros. and sex with each other, it’s a more way more intimate and interactive experience.

2. App I can’t live without: Twitter

3. People would be surprised I _____: Keep all the lights on. I’m afraid of the dark.

4. Last thing I told my mom: Stop making fun of my friends. My momma will roast my friends all of the time. If you’re one of my friends and you meet my mom for the first time, she will definitely roast you in a polite way. It’s just to test your bars.

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5. Best part about coming from Ventura, Calif.: The weather. I think we have the second best weather on Earth. There’s some street corner [in Ventura] that has the second best, most consistent mid-temperature weather. It’s like 70 degrees year-round. [Editor Note: According to a recent Washington Post ranking, Ventura is the “absolute most desirable place to live in America.”]

6. The difference between the Kyle who made Beautiful Loser and the Kyle who made Smyle: The kyle who made Smyle honestly has a little more conflict in his life. He has a little more weight on his shoulders. He feels like he has to make an album about something. it’s a Kyle with duty, with a plan, with a responsibility. The Kyle who made Beautiful Loser, that’s just the younger and more naive Kyle, just expressing who he is but this Kyle feels like he has more of a mission.

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