Julian Write Speaks For The Mexican Americans On “Dreams of A Minority”


From the West Coast, wordsmith Julian Write recently let a very personal music video help tell his life story. On “Dreams of a Minority,” produced by The Cratez, the emcee spills his most personal feelings on wax.

“I made this record to simply show people who I am, where I’m from, and where I aspire to go,” explains Jualian. “Just telling my story and who I do what I do for.”

He continues: “In one sentence I’m pretty much a small town middle class Mexican kid who is working and dreaming to be a voice for my generation and injecting American culture with that of my Mexican roots. I do all this while touching on experiences, and ambitions that are relatable to anyone of any culture.”

Julian says he working to push Mexican Americans to the forefront of hip-hop. As a chiild, he left like needed more people like himself getting their voices in music.

“Being that there are no prominent/popular Mexican artists in the mainstream American hip-hop world, I’m figuratively an immigrant/alien in that world also so that really fuels me to tell this story and make a mark,” Julian further explains. And of course being that it’s Mexican Heritage Month i wanted to do something to end it on a high note and bring awareness to that.”

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