The Real MVP Of Halloween: Kevin Durant Dressed Up As Martin Lawrence In ‘Blue Streak’


Everyone is getting into the Halloween spirit this year. First Ciara and Beyonce killed it at Ciara’s birthday bash, and now athletes are taking their shot. But if there was a contest going on for the best celebrity Halloween costume, it’s clear that Kevin Durant would be climbing the ranks. The Oklahoma City Thunder player took us way back, dressing as Martin Lawrence from his 1999 role in Blue Streak.

For a brief recap of who Durant is channelling, Blue Streak followed Martin’s character Logan, a jewel thief who after losing a priceless diamond he stashed, must disguise himself as an LAPD officer to retrieve it. Durant is dressed as Martin’s character when he posed a pizza delivery man. For true fans of the flick, Durant nailed the look, complete with the blue track suit, crazy hair, and bulging stomach.

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The basketball player wasn’t alone though. He uploaded the pic of his winning costume next to Forrest Gump, Heath Ledger’s Joker, Jigsaw,  and V from V for Vendetta. And for all those who may be wondering, Russell Westbrook (bottom right) is supposed to be his Oklahoma City Thunder teammate, Steven Adams.

Kevin Durant and the gang definitely get an “A” for effort and points for hilariously tackling #squadgoals this Halloween. Relive the hilarious pizza delivery scene from Blue Streak below: