Kiersey Clemons Shares Her Natural Hair Revelation: “I Can’t Be Afraid To Be Myself”


Anyone that has embarked on the natural hair journey knows it’s a real daunting task.

DOPE star Kiersey Clemons, whose curly, cropped coif incites absolute envy upon first glance, recently shared her journey to embracing her natural curls with Style Blazer. While many may think the 21-year-old actress woke up loving her natural curl pattern, she too, had her own battles when it came to transitioning.

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“For a while, I was so caught up in what people think of you as a black girl if you have certain hairstyles,” she said. “If you have braids or short hair or if you straighten it, people are going to make certain judgments about you. That’s not something I just put in my own head, it’s something I saw growing up as a kid.”

Clemons also recalled the struggles of ditching the creamy crack, “It took a really long time for me to embrace my natural hair, it took a lot of seeing other women do it.” She also had a revelation regarding her choice to go natural saying, “It had to be bigger than me. I had to be like ‘f**k this s**t’ if I am going to be an actor, if I’m going to be given a platform, I can’t be afraid to be myself and do what I want to do.”