Metta World Peace On Lamar Odom: “Not Every Kardashian Needs To Be Around”


As former teammates, family and estranged in-laws flock to Lamar Odom’s bedside, a few folks have given their opinion on the support he’s garnered from the sidelines. First up was Master P, who slammed Kobe Bryant and the Kardashian clan, calling their show of love for the two-time NBA champion an “act.” Now, Lakers forward Metta World Peace has offered his two cents, stating that Khloe Kardashian is the only member of the reality show family that should be visiting Odom in the hospital.

“The only Kardashian that needs to be there is Khloe,” he told the Los Angeles Daily News. “Not every Kardashian needs to be around. They need to keep it simple, so Lamar’s children can see him whenever they want to see him. They’re waiting in line to see their own father.”

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This comes just one day after Kim Kardashian posted a note to Odom on Instagram, writing that she has “faith” in him, and that sharing that she and her sister Kendall Jenner were able to make him smile in the hospital. Clarifying that his commentary is in the best interest of Odom’s children, Metta World Peace said his stance goes for all “celebrities” that have shown up to Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas.

“This is nothing against Khloe,” he said. “This is for the celebrities that are coming to see Lamar. They should know they’re taking away from Lamar’s children.”