Start The New NBA Season With A Little “Joy”


Every basketball fan feels “joy” from the time the game starts to the grueling last buzzer. The National Basketball Association has decided to capture the suspense, thrill and excitement felt by fans and players during the sport’s most jaw dropping, heart stopping moments. A plethora of teams, like the Chicago Bulls and Golden State Warriors will roll out customized versions of the NBA’s new ad “This Is Why We Play.”

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The latest visual sheds light on the emotions behind basketball’s universal appeal, showcasing stories of what motivates, inspires and excites teams, players and fans both on and off the court. The new ad serves as a follow-up to the NBA’s previously released “Anthem” and “Anticipation” campaigns.

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The NBA has also become the first league to partner with Facebook in an effort to create custom team frames for profile photos. Now fans can simply snap a new profile picture and add a custom frame for all 30 teams. Visit to view and select “This Is Why We Play” frames, and many others for all 30 teams.

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