New York Comic Con 2015: ‘Minority Report’ Unveils New Present From The Past

Despite the flack surrounding FOX’s sci-fi drama Minority Report, the cast rolled through New York’s Comic Con on Sunday (Oct. 11) with the show’s action-packed fifth episode (premiering Oct. 19) and a love note to on-air diversity.

After witnessing leading lady, Meagan Good, seek vengeance and wreak havoc in the name of family, one Con-goer asked how she managed to keep it real in front of the cameras as Detective Lara Vega.

“I am obviously a very proud, black woman,” Good said during the 15-minute Q&A portion after the screening. “The way I grew up was around different nationality and every walk of life. I’m very well-rounded but I think the biggest thing is being authentic to who you are.”

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“One of the things I’m really proud of in the last couple of years was to be able to play characters that are fun, positive, unique and different, and hopefully, that brings a little bit of pride to my heritage and my Latino community,” added Good’s co-star, Wilmer Valderrama. “I gotta give FOX, [showrunners] Max and Kevin props, and Steven Spielberg a lot of credit. They painted a future that really mirrors our present-day, and I think it’s the goal.”

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For the uninitiated, the show (based on the 2002 Spielberg thriller) sets up shop in D.C. and is a futuristic game of time machine as Detective Vega (Good) struggles to cope with the past and her “precognitive” woes are haunted by eery visions of the future.

Catch more of Good and the gang on Minority Report, when it airs Monday, Oct. 19 on FOX.