Nick Cannon Says Chris Brown Is A Cross Between Michael Jackson And Tupac


Chris Brown was just given the highest of compliments by Nick Cannon. Taking to Instagram to bestow high honors on Brown, Cannon posted a photo titled “The Legendary Equation” that suggests that Breezy is the sum of Michael Jackson and Tupac. Following up the photo with a lengthy caption in which he writes that Brown is “a true legend amongst legends,” he also compared the persecution ‘Pac and Jackson received to Brown’s experience.

“A lot of times we don’t realize or acknowledge our treasures while we still have them with us,” Cannon wrote beneath the graphic. “We wait until they are gone to appreciate their power. Think about how much everyone attacked MJ and 2Pac while they were alive… I don’t think I have ever witnessed someone more gifted, who has overcome so much and still growing and learning daily.”

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Brown, who is slated to release his seventh studio album, titled Royalty after his daughter, received Cannon’s compliment. He reposted the caption to his own Instagram page and expressed his gratitude with a simple, “Thx bro.” The Royalty album is set to include the singles “Liquor” and “Zero,” and has already garnered anticipation with the album cover visuals that feature Brown and his little girl. The album drops on Nov. 27.

Read Nick Cannon’s thoughts on Chris Brown below: