Interview: Paul Wall Discusses ‘Slab God’ Album & His Views On Legalizing Marijuana


He came into the hip-hop game with a mouth full of gold in the early 2000s, but more than a decade later, he’s still known as the man with the grillz. Paul Wall’s humble beginnings started with simple pipe dreams of becoming a respected rapper. What he didn’t bank on was his movement influencing generations of young rap fans to walk, talk and smile like they also call Houston home.

“I like a lot of the new artists and producers,” Paul says about his new album’s sound. “But I don’t want to sound like them, but I could be influenced by what’s going on now. I just want to sound like me.”

The Po Up Poet tells VIBE he put his heart and soul into the newly released, Slab God, album. While he wanted to update his candy painted sound, Paul was also conscious of not becoming a trend-humping rapper like so many veterans succumb to after spending years in the industry.

“In my opinion, this is the greatest music I ever put out,” says Paul. “The new music I’m working now is called The Houston Oiler, — it’s halfway done man. Me and my boy C-Stone got one. Me, Baby Bash and Scoop Deville got one called The Legalizers. It’s a pro Marijuana group [and] we are strong advocates for the legalization of Marijuana.

Watch the interview below.

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[Photos by Ian Reid]