PETA Honored RZA For Living The Vegan Lifestyle


Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA recently received honors for his healthy, vegan lifestyle by the good people over at PETA. As the organization held their 35th anniversary gala on Sept. 30—which was hosted by Pamela Anderson and Angelica Huston—the rapper shared his views on what it means to him on not involving himself in the intake of dead animals. “It’s an award that does not aim to reflect my art,” RZA said. “It instead reflects my heart.”

Rza teamed up with PETA back in 2014 for a campaign where he explains exactly why he made the decision to give up eating meat. “I don’t need a dead animal or dead piece of flesh to go into my live body,” the honoree said in the clip. “I had animals as friends that were happy to see me in their own animal way. I’m sure they do not want to be on my plate.”

The rapper often refers to the Boogie Down Productions song “Beef” as a way to educate the world of hip-hop on how to go about living a similar and much healthier lifestyle to become more aware of what they eat. “I think hip-hop is becoming more conscious about their diets,” he said.

Watch the campaign video here.

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