School Yourself: 10 Things You Probably Never Knew About Kirk Knight


Pro Era’s top producer Kirk Knight has more layers to his life than what we see on social media. Behind the soundboards, the Brooklynite has produced beats that break the concrete box critics have constructed around his Brooklyn rap collective. After working with New York lyricists like Smoke DZA, Mick Jenkins and Flatbush Zombies, Kirk is ready to unleash his full potential with his debut solo project Late Knight Special.

According to Kirk, we’ll be able to hear everything about his life in tracks like “All For Nothing.” “It’s more about going really in depth about my life in stages just in a 16. I’m really feeling what Andre [3000] says; 16 really isn’t enough,” Knight says with a laugh.

The 12-track project will be the first body of work to feature Kirk’s thorough verses as well as contributions from Mick Jenkins, The Mind of Dead Peoples and his partner-in-rhyme, Joey Bada$$. The Pro Era producer handled a majority of the production of the album with the help of producers like Dead Peoples, No Name Gypsy, Thundercat and more.

It seems like the more 16s he puts out, the more fans get to know the real Kirk Knight. Since most hip-hop heads are more familiar with Knight’s catalog, we got to talk to Kirk and uncover the deep crevasses of the early stages of his career, how he met Joey Bada$$ and his future goals in music.