Peep Game: 7 Times Your Favorite Sports Stars Bursted Into Song And Dance


Athletes are known for their superb skills on the court but from time to time, they’ll break character and hit the Quan when the spirit moves them. Take LeBron James, who is no stranger to channeling his inner rapper. He recently hit his finest “dab” at a Cavaliers scrimmage in Ohio. Unsurprisingly, King James is not alone. Look back on these sports superstars who offered a glimpse of their musical tastes and talents.


NBA champ and MVP, Steph Curry, is known for cooking on the court, but his wife, Ayesha, recently flaunted her bae’s skills in the kitchen. In a video posted to Mrs. Curry’s Little Lights of Mine YouTube channel last year, the husband and wife duo did their best Shmoney dance to Drake’s “0 to 100,” specifically the lyric, “Been cooking with the sauce, Chef Curry with the pot, boy.” Sir Curry also did the Nae Nae with his adorable daughter, Riley, and Hornets star, Jeremy Lin.