Warren Sapp Has Officially Copped A Plea Deal In His Domestic Violence Case


Former NFL defensive tackle Warren Sapp has reportedly pleaded guilty to a case that he found himself in with the involvement of his girlfriend, Chalyce Moore. A domestic violence case, that is. Sapp lucked up as he plead guilty to only one count of domestic violence instead of the original three due to an incident occurring back in April. Thanks to the prosecutors involved in the case, two of the counts were eventually dropped as an even exchange for a plea deal that was reached on Oct. 1.

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Sapp’s name was tarnished after an unfortunate night of events back in April. According to a Review-Journal report, the accusations stemming from that night included Sapp throwing a drink in Moore’s face, her middle finger being brutally bitten to the point of bleeding and swelling, and even her being “knocked off her feet” and being tugged aggressively by the arm. After having multiple visible bruises, Moore was also said to have suffered from a concussion after experiencing a headache, stiff neck, and even vomiting due to the physical confrontation.

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The plea deal reached requires Sapp to pay nearly $3,000 in fines, attend domestic violence counseling for six months, avoid any more run-ins with the law throughout the next six months and uphold 48 hours of community service. The deal also has a restraining order in place against Sapp to protect Moore’s well-being. The Hall of Famer finds himself in a familiar rut that he once was stuck in before as he was previously arrested for a similar connection to domestic violence back in 2010. Hopefully this time around, he’s learned his lesson by putting an end to these type of actions for good.