Interview: We The Best’s Steph Lecor On Her Miami Roots, Touring With Van Halen & Bossing Up With DJ Khaled


We The Best’s latest addition, Steph Lecor, was born to hustle. The Miami native of Haitian descent first gravitated to music when she was a toddler, watching her father make jams in the studio. “I grew up with a very musical family,” Lecor recently told VIBE. “My father had every record known to man and he was in a Haitian band called Macho Men. I used to sit and watch him play with my uncles and record the music in the studio.”

Over a decade later, Lecor has follower in her father’s two-steps. Once she overcame her fears of performing in front of a live audience by touring with legendary rock group Van Halen, Steph made boss moves to establish herself in the music business. She spent the early part of her career making electro-pop music in her former girl group, Kulture Shock. Now, she is signed to Poe Boy Records and joins other MCs like Ace Hood and Mavado under DJ Khaled’s imprint, We The Best Records.

“I’ve never met anyone that works as hard as him,” Lecor said about her new mentor, DJ Khaled. “I know a lot of people who hustle and work hard but he goes 100.”

WATCH: Steph Lecor Is All About The Miami Turn Up In Her “Saturday” Video

The blue-haired bombshell recently stopped by VIBE HQ to talk about her humble beginnings and new single, “Saturday.” She also explains how she linked with Khaled and what inspires her unique style.

VIBE: You started off as a back-up singer but went a different route than most singers in your lane by singing for rock group Van Halen. How did you start doing that?
Steph Lecor: It was an opportunity to push myself to get on the stage but it was really cool. When I first auditioned, I got it but I turned it down because I was really nervous about being in front of all those people. Then the girl they picked didn’t work out so they called me in midway so I ended up going. I really owe that experience to where I’m at now.

It seems like your career took off after joining the pop group Kulture Shock.
Yeah, I was in that group for the past six or seven years doing EDM pop music. We were grinding, putting out videos and a lot of EPs. But that didn’t work out so now I’m here.

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How did you end up linking with Khaled and We The Best?
Well, I’m still signed to Poe Boy Music Group as well. E Class is my manager and the CEO and founder of Poe Boy Music Group. Him and Khaled have been friends for a really long time. They both grew up in Miami, came up in Miami, so they’ve known each other forever. But it was my first time meeting him the day I got signed. I recorded the song “Saturday” then E Class played it for Khaled. I went out to see [Khaled] the next day and 15 minutes into our conversation, he took the chain off his neck, placed it on me, and was like, “Yo, you “We The Best” now. That’s it. You family.” And we’ve been rocking ever since.

How long ago was that?
This was about four or five months ago. Very new.

That’s very new indeed. Between the time you signed to Poe Boy to now, what have you picked up from Khaled?
His work ethic. He’s a beast when it comes to everything he does—social media, being an entrepreneur, his marketing, him in the studio, and his grind and the way he works. He says it all the time and people may think he’s cocky but he said, “I’ve never met anyone who works as hard as me.” I can second that and say that I’ve never met anyone that works as hard as him. I know a lot of people who hustle and work hard but he goes 100. Whenever I feel like I’m on my game and I’m out here and killin’ it, I’ll get the phone call and he’ll be like, ‘Yo I see you working but you need to do more.’ And I’m in my feelings for a day. But now everyday I’m out there with my team and I think of more ways to do more.

“Saturday” is the record you’re pushing now. It’s your first time really rapping.
I don’t know if rap is the lane that’s going to make me pop because I still feel like a singer. I’m still really excited about getting in the studio and putting together more melodic records. But when I heard “Saturday,” I knew it was an amazing opportunity to just say, ‘Hey, you guys I’m Steph Lecor, I’m here.” I love rap. I love hip-hop so I knew I wanted to try. I also know that I’ve been begging for an opportunity for a year. With all the excitement around the record, I had to go in and kill it no matter what. For me, it was do or die.

How did you overcome the fear of performing on stage?
I still get little butterflies before I go on stage because I feel like it’s normal, you know? I feel like you need that little [Sighs.] before you go on. But it was the Van Halen tour and being in front of 30,000 people at the biggest arenas around the country and Canada that really put me in a place to be comfortable and get out there. I was out there everyday so it was also repetition. It all made me so comfortable to where now I can get on stage no matter where I’m at and just jump on and do what I do.

As far fashion goes, who inspires your look?
I’ve always been into fashion since I was a little girl. I used to cut up shirts and mess up a lot of shirts myself but I used to just play with my fashion. I’ve always been into “matching but not matching” kind of thing. I just like to be creative and I think fashion is another outlet for that. I really look up to anyone who’s willing to take a risk in fashion but shout to my stylist Alessandra Gold. She definitely comes through in the clutch.

How did being surrounded by classic Miami talent like Flo Rida and Pitbull encourage you to keep going?
I never went on tour with them, but I have opened up for Flo Rida and Pitbull. Pitbull actually welcomed my previous group Kulture Shock on stage at Calle Ocho in Miami. We opened up for him for four years in a row. It’s really inspiring to watch people from the same place I come from get out there and become something internationally. Flo Rida, Pitbull, Ross, and Trina are all international stars. I remember working as a bottle girl in the clubs and watching Flo Rida come in and get in the DJ booth. He’d be doing all the same stuff I’m doing now. I remember that. I was working in the back room, not even the main room. He came back there and got in the booth. No one knew who he was. He played “Low” for the first time and I was like, “Damn, this sh*t is hot.” Then, seeing him work his way into the main room and getting on stage. The record was all over the place. Now I’m a part of the same label as him and I get the same opportunities.