Zoe Saldana Talks Twins & Motherhood In ‘People’ Magazine


Actress Zoe Saldaña recently sat down with People magazine in an interview where she talks about her new partnership with the organization, Brave Beginnings, after a life-changing moment of being introduced to the realities of motherhood.

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Cy and Bowie, the first additions to Saldaña’s family with husband, Marco, came into the world a little earlier than expected resulting in premature births. After keeping mum about her two peas in the pod for some time, Saldaña opens up on what it was like to experience the intensity of the entire moment and why it inspired her to team up with Brave Beginnings.

“When I was in the neonatal intensive care unit with my two sons, I became like every parent that was on that floor. My husband and I were at the mercy of our nurses and doctors – our children’s lives depended on their every move,” said the New Jersey native. “When children are born prematurely, they don’t just need to be held, they need assistance breathing, feeding and going to the bathroom. They also need incubators to protect them while they’re forming immune systems.”

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Which was exactly what brought Saldaña’s attention to Brave Beginnings. After seeing her sons receive some of the best treatment for the sake of their survival, Zoe made sure to take every necessary step forward to assure that other babies born prematurely are being treated the same.

“I went through it. I was there. I was a parent and my children were the ones that benefited from having excellent services from the hospital. And I want that for every parent. I want that for every child,” she expressed. “The equipment can mean the difference between life and death for a child, that’s just the truth. If a child can’t breathe and doesn’t have the equipment to help him breathe we can’t help him with our own hands.”

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