Vixen Verified: 4 Reasons Why We Love Frank Body Coffee Scrubs


If you’re like any of the millions of people who have Instagram, then you should be privy to the talk surrounding Frank Body’s infamous coffee scrubs.

While some may be hesitant to try out internet-promoted beauty products, as Vixens we’re all about good beauty find — exfoliators included. And although bathing suit season is long gone, keeping your body moisturized and preserving your sexy is a must. (Plus, winter is when we tend to endure the toughest battle for healthy skin).

So, we decided to get in on the #thefrankeffect and add Frank Body to our winter skin care regimen for a two-week span.

Continue reading to find out four reasons why we love Frank Body coffee scrubs.

CREDIT: @frank_bod

Kiss flaky skin goodbye

The scrubs are infused with a special blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, which will thoroughly scrub away dry, flaky skin. Not to mention, if you have pesky skin conditions like stretch marks, eczema or cellulite, ingredients like brown sugar, cold pressed sweet almond oil, jojoba beads and more will work overtime on pampering your skin.

A scent for every occasion and mood

Have a signature scent or love experimenting with various fragrances? From original to coconut to cacao to peppermint, there’s something for everyone. (Spoiler alert: If you’re into showers that smell like chocolate cake, then Cacao is the way to go!)

CREDIT: @frank_bod

The best bang for your  buck

With a price tag ranging from $14.95 (original) to $17.45 (coconut) for a 7 oz bag, even the Vixen on a budget can’t pass up this deal. Plus, there’s free shipping in the U.S.

Let’s be frank…it’s the gift that keeps on giving

While most in-shower products wash off and don’t do a credible job at coating your skin and locking in moisture, Frank Body truly lingers on the skin…for hours! After scrubbing your body with a small handful and letting it sit for five minutes, your skin will be instantly engulfed in a plethora of organic oils. You can also use the scrub on your face, too. But be forewarned that the grounded coffee beans maybe a little abrasive on your face if you have sensitive skin so be careful.

Vixens, you can cop Frank Body’s coffee scrubs here and check out more offerings from their coffee-based skincare range.