Apparently, The Bullet Fragment In 50 Cent’s Tongue Is “Great For Oral Sex”


Aside from his recent war of Instagram words with Rick Ross, it seems 50 Cent also has a lot going on in the bedroom. In an appearance with The Graham Norton Show, the G-Unit general offered an interesting tidbit on one benefit from his 2000 shooting. A fragment from the bullet that was lodged into his left cheek during the notorious incident still resides in his tongue, and apparently has some sexual advantages.

Speaking on the concept for the music video for “9 Shots,” 50 Cent recanted the story of the fateful night.

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“I got hit in the face,” he said. “So the fragment portion of it is in my tongue. It kinda changed the way I speak a little bit.”

Fifteen years later, 50 Cent’s survival story can now be injected with comedic relief, as Norton and the rapper’s fellow guest, writer Julie Walters, offered inquisitive reactions to the bullet left in his tongue. The conversation led to the revelation that Fif has turned the negative into a NSFW positive.

“Yeah, it’s great for oral sex. I’m a better man now, trust me,” he said.

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Walters also stuck her finger in 50 Cent’s mouth to cop a feel. Watch the Graham Norton Show clip below.

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