50 Cent Looks Back And Gives Younger Self Advice


There are times when many people sit back and reflect on what they could’ve done different when they were younger, and in a recent interview with The Big Issue, 50 Cent took the time to do just that. The rapper gives insight on what he wish he could’ve told the young Fiddy as he expressed the importance of focusing more on music than anything else.

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“He could still have this career without going through all the things I went through,” he shares as he talks about the impact of relationships in his life and how his mindset affected them. “And thinking about relationships – I think back to when I was with someone and that person could have been the person I was going to be with for the rest of my life but I didn’t have the references yet to know there was something special there. It’s like the clarity I got about my grandmother after she was gone. Some people have been better at that than me.”

The rapper also went on the record to say that Jay Z did a better job at capitalizing on people than he did while growing up and how phenomenal of a battle rapper Eminem was. “The guys who were up against him would think of everything you could say about him, then he’d say those things about himself first,” he shares. “So everything they had against him, he took it away. He was writing all this personal stuff. I was never anything like that. I came into music with songwriting intentions ‘cause that’s where the money was.”

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