Adele Brings On More Tears In First Live Performance Of “Hello”

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We didn’t think Adele’s comeback single, “Hello” could get any better or more heartfelt until she performed it for a live audience on a BBC special. This was Adele’s first time performing the single and it brought just as many tears as it did for fans watching the video.

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Prior to her performance, the British singer played a game inspired by one of her own singles called “Rumor Has It.” The audience got the chance to ask the singer about various stories about her that had stormed the media, where she would either state that it was true or just a rumor.

But there is no rumor when it comes to whether Adele has talent. When it came time for her performance, she belted out those powerful notes that first attracted fans to the single. While she did add some extra runs here and there, her performance was spot on to her recorded track.

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Adele has a couple more performances to get to, including one for a Radio Music Hall special on NBC. The rest of the BBC special will air on her 25 album release date on Nov. 20, but in the mean time, take a look at Adele’s first performance of “Hello” below.

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