Black Lives Matter Protester Attacked At Donald Trump Rally In Alabama

A black man was attacked while attempting to protest during a Donald Trump rally in Alabama on Saturday (Nov. 21). He was tackled, punched and kicked by a group of Trump supporters as he shouted “Black lives matter” during the Republican presidential candidate’s speech at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex. In a report by the New York Daily News, Trump exclaimed “Get him the hell out of here!” as attendees cheered him on. The group of attackers was white.

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CNN reports that at least half a dozen people participated in the attack. Police confirmed that no arrests were made and that a total of three people were asked to leave the rally. A Trump staffer who was asked not to be named defended the removal of the protester in a comment to the Montgomery Advertiser, remarking that the he was “doing the Black Lives Matter thing.”

“The guy was being disruptive,” the staffer said. “He was doing the Black Lives Matter thing and saying other phrases that were really firing up the crowd around him. He was throwing his hands around almost punching.”

No arrests were made and the protester reportedly did not require medical attention. Watch footage of the incident below: