Boricua Rapper Audri Nix Is Making Dreams Come True One Hustle At A Time

Audri Nix is one throaty whisper away from being the greatest soft spoken rapper of all time. No, seriously, and all jokes aside. The Puerto Rican MC at first sounds like she’s playing coy, just cooing at an Ableton-engineered beat for sh*ts and giggles. But run it back one good time and you’ll hear the venomous rhymes and underlying conviction in her deliverance.

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“Por eso ahora como un serpiente, escupo veneno 24/7,” spews Audri on “Veneno,” the first single off her upcoming EP, El Nuevo Orden Vol. 1, which speaks to her in-your-face, f*ck-you-pay-me attitude. Her kindness is not to be taken for weakness, no matter how cutesy or doe-eyed she appears. One presumptuous peep about her come-up and it’s off with your head.

“I don’t come from a rich family, nobody is out here putting me on,” she said. “I been trying to put my music out since I was 16-years-old and look at me, I’m finally making waves at 20.”

After getting familiar with Adriana and her developing repertoire, VIBE Viva caught up with the burgeoning artist only to find out the woman behind the moniker is as real as they come, life battles and all.

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I grew up listening to:
What I listened to has always been very versatile, but I remember when I was little listening to Shakira. That’s how my career started. [Laughs] Imitating her in front of the mirror and making my family sit around the living room, so that I can put on a show for them [while] singing and dancing to her songs.  I also grew up listening to J. Lo. She was also an inspiration for me when I was very young.  When I got older, my music taste totally changed and I started to listen to other [artists] like Madonna, Gwen Stefani, The Gorillaz and so many others. But Gwen Stefani and her Love, Angel, Music, Baby album was everything to me when I was in high school.  I also listened to a lot of Rock. Hip-hop came a little later in my life, believe it or not.

MLK moment (realizing the dream):
I grew up without my parents, almost like an orphan. I lived with my grandparents. My dreams and music, it’s all I have besides my family. It’s what picks me up and keeps me going in life. I feel that I was born to do [music].  When I released my first song and everybody was supporting me, that’s when I realized that it was real, that all I have been dreaming was about to start for me. My debut EP El Nuevo Orden Vol. 1 is coming out very soon and to see it finished is realizing the dream for me.

What most people don’t know:
I like to keep my life a mystery, keep everything on the down low. People don’t know many things about me, like the fact that I am a marketing student and currently working for Nordstrom. So, I am trying to [earn] my degree and build my career at the same time. It’s something that has been very difficult for me, no lie. Working, studying and doing music all together can feel insane. People don’t know that I deal with a lot. Like my fighting depression. I want to talk about that sort of thing in my music, so that my fans know that they are not alone. That there is somebody like them out here fighting demons every day.

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The hardest project I’ve ever worked on:
Definitely my EP, El Nuevo Orden Vol. 1.  I have spent almost a year trying to finish it and it’s been a crazy road. At some point, I thought that I wasn’t capable of finishing it because everything was falling out of place, and I was dealing with so many other things. I often struggle with my daily life. And trying to make my dreams come true is more difficult than I imagined, but I knew that from the beginning. I haven’t given up. Writing sometimes gets hard when you are feeling down and drained by life itself. But that’s the main reason why I did this EP, [where I am] putting my life into songs and letting everybody know my feelings through music. I finally finished the EP like a week ago. It came out so good, I hope everyone is moved by it.

My style has been compared to:
My style hasn’t been compared to anybody, yet. I know we all get compared to somebody, but I am trying to keep my style as original as I can, even though I know that’s impossible. We all get inspired by something or someone.

Standout records/music wins:
My best music win was the success I got from the remix I did to 18plus’ song “Crow” that has reached more than a 100,000 plays and was featured on their EP They Remixes, also on vinyl.  For me to have my name printed on the cover of vinyl is a really big deal, espcially when it was my second song ever. How many independent, Puerto Rican artists can say “my remix is on vinyl all the way in London?” I am 20-years-old. That’s a big music win for me, and I know that I will have many more and bigger wins to come.

Ultimate goal:
Difficult to say. I have many goals, but my biggest goal would have to be to put out a [full length] album soon.  I also want to have my own clothing brand. I want to do at least five albums before I die, win a big award and go on a world tour. Those are just a few of the goals I have. I would also like to work on charity and fight for women’s rights around the world.

Current favorite song (not your own):
My current favorite song right now is “Party Favors” by Tinashe, featuring Young Thug. That song is so good, on so many levels. I can’t stop listening to it. Tinashe’s voice on top of that beat is magic and Young Thug’s verse is so lit. One of the best, I think, I’ve heard from him. Hopefully, one day I can do a song like that. I’m definitely working on it.

Life mantra/philosophy:
My life philosophy right now is “Start where you are and do all you can with what you have.”  I don’t come from a rich family, nobody is out here putting me on. All I have done, I have done it myself, learning and moving towards what I want. Always looking ahead of things and ahead of the game. I hate it when people say that I’ve been put on in the game, that’s a lie. I been trying to put my music out since I was 16-years-old and look at me, I’m finally making waves at 20. It took fours years to find my place in the game, because I started where I was and worked with what I had: my computer, a cracked version of Ableton to create beats with, and my notebook. Look at me now, about to put out my debut EP and interview with VIBE Viva. If you work for what you want, nothing can stop you.

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